R.O.A.R with Laughter

Move from RUPTURE to RAPTURE by orchestrating your story through the lens of comedy and

alchemizing your pain into pleasure.

You will be seen and heard...all while giving and receiving the healing gift of laughter!

Our third season starts this JUNE!


Weekly coaching calls each Thursday 2-3pm EST

Full day retreat and LIVE Comedic Storytelling Show in AUGUST, 2020

at Ground Floor in Freeport, Maine.

There will be a virtual show if need be, depending on the pandemic and current state laws. 

Why R.O.A.R.?

Participants from season 1and 2 say they felt "more brave and more open to sharing their stories", "willing to speak their truth and be more visible", "less angry and alone", and that "finding their inner comic was the most healing and enjoyable way to thrive during the pandemic". The secret is the ROAR community, a friendly and empathetic group for you to gather with each week and connect with each day. We hold space for you in your grief and in your joy! 


Because life is HEARTBREAKING and HILARIOUS all at once

Because we need to laugh and heal, now more than ever

Because your story should be told and you must be heard

Because humor is a healthy way to process trauma, release tension, and relieve pain

Because laughter is the best medicine

Because comedy is an art form that blends profound truths with vulnerability, courage and laughter

Because levity can help you disempower the negativity or stress

Because when we can no longer change a situation, we can still change ourselves and our attitude about the situation

Because this work should be done with the support of others

Because there is a part of you that wants to speak to a larger audience

Because life should include pleasure and fun!

Because it is about time that YOU enjoyed your work, family, and life more!


What is R.O.A.R.?


heartbreak, breakdown, collapse,

pain, grief, anger, loss


arrange, design, organize, plan…

your comeback, story, attitude, life


transform the nature of something, find the gifts and lessons, 

turn stories of trauma into healing gold


intense pleasure, joy, bliss,

sensuality, creativity, laughter


6 weeks of coaching with Pasha through

weekly group Zoom calls.

You will be supported and inspired by your new comical friends as you explore your life through the lens of humor


Private Facebook Group for

story sharing and camaraderie.

In person social events to gather with your

ROAR community.


Full day retreat leading up to the show held in a professional performance space with sound, lights, and, of course, a live audience!


Follow up call held after the show to hold you accountable to your new silly audaciousness!

Who am I to lead this program?

About Pasha Marlowe

This program is years in the making. It has been my desire to blend my life’s experiences and my life’s work of healing with my passion for theatre. It is the culmination of 50 years of living on this planet as a fiercely resilient and persistent woman who’s passion has always been to empower others to be courageous and vulnerable. I have personally felt the transformation that takes place when you reframe your trauma and old wounds through the lens of comedy. 


I grew up on the stage, went to college on a theatre scholarship, and acted/directed professionally for years.


I hold a Master's Degree in marriage and family therapy with a specialization in PTSD/anxiety/depression and how it affects our physical and emotional bodies.


I have worked as a wellness professional for the last 25 years, owning and operating four wellness studios as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and health coach.


I am a graduate of Megan Jo Wilson's Rockstar Camp, an inspiring coaching program of empowerment and support culminating in a stage performance that reminded me how much healing can happen on stage. I believe our stories must be told and that an audience to witness us makes the experience and the healing more real.


I believe in being visible, standing in your power, and showing courage through vulnerability.

I believe to be loved is to be seen and heard.

I believe life was meant to be enjoyed, even in the face of fear and pain. 

I look forward to talking with you, knowing you, and laughing with you. 

Contact Me

18 Dexter Lane, North Yarmouth, ME 04097 pasha@rootsandsprings.com  |  603-707-2884

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”
- Leonard Cohen

© 2020 by Roots and Springs