I cannot wait to R.O.A.R. with you!

Let's set up a discovery call to see if it is your time to ROAR! I have a funny feeling it is!

Here's what you can expect:

  • After our discovery call and submitting your payment, you will gain access to our Facebook Group. This is a small, private and confidential group (up to 10 people). Our goal is to create a space that is safe, empathetic, and FUN! We will share personal stories, art/creativity, comedy routines, and comedy techniques on this page. Honestly, we become a close knit group of friends that talks about EVERYTHING. It will feel liberating to finally be known, mess and all! 

  • NO, you don't need any performance/comedy experience! Every season there are newbies and they rock the show as well as anyone! 

  • As the July start date approaches, you will receive a welcome email with details for logging in to our 8 weekly Zoom calls and a meeting schedule. We are planning on Wednesdays at 1pmEST, starting July 7th. It is OK if you need to miss a rehearsal as we record them all and provide active FB support. The show will be late August, date TBD by group. 

  • The friendships you create will feel empowering, comforting, and, at times, lifesaving. 

  • Our rehearsals and performance will be virtual again, which is surprisingly effective and allows for an international cast and audience!

  • A week after the performance we will hold your accountability call that holds you to your new audaciousness!

  • I honor your courage and willingness to be visible and live your life truthfully, through the lens of humor!



                     LET'S HAVE SOME FUN ALREADY!